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    Tom LaForce says:

    Looks like an interesting project. Might want to consider adding a Facebook page. Like it or hate it, it is an effective social media tool. Twitter doesn’t have nearly the penetration and I’m thinking most people still aren’t subscribing to RSS feeds.


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    Griff Wigley says:

    Tom, we will be teaming up with the City of Edina’s Facebook page to interact with its 5,000+ fans. It’s being revamped a bit right now and opens back up next week.

    The City of Edina’s Twitter account has 1,500+ followers and I expect we’ll be using that to help get the word out, too.

    But I’ve set up a separate Edina Citizen Engagement Twitter account, as I’m planning to experiment with it, ie, more interaction. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll follow you/@EdinaPolitics on Twitter and see what you’re up to!

    As for RSS, you’re right, most people don’t use it. But many do and it’s easy to provide. Plus, some sites use RSS to aggregate other’s blog updates onto a page or sidebar of their sites. Here in Northfield where I live, aggregates all the blogs and misc relevant news sites onto their Blogosphere page, and some onto their right sidebar. So I’m hoping some Edina-related sites do that with our feeds, too.

    Thanks for the feedback and for being the first to comment here.

    Now go get yourself a Gravatar!

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    Tom LaForce says:

    Griff, I’m guessing you are aware of it, but just in case you aren’t. PIE might be able to play some role in what you are trying to do as well.

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    Griff Wigley says:

    Tom, yep, I’ve been watching PIE ever since they appeared in a Strib article last fall: Putting the civil back into war of words

    I didn’t realize till now that you were a founder!

    In the heat of some past election, die-hard Democrat Tom LaForce and committed conservative Tyler Armstrong probably stood near each other on an Edina street, waving the signs of opposing candidates.

    This year they put aside differences to moderate a Facebook page called Politics in Edina. About 225 people are fans of the site, which seeks to foster civil discussion of politics and current events. LaForce founded it about a year ago after growing disheartened by abusive, anonymous comments he saw on Internet news, blog and discussion sites.

    I’d be interested in your feedback on my Participation Guidelines. If you’re willing, could you attach a comment to my blog post about it here? I’ll start it off with a comment that links to the Strib article.

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